Granulated lime

Granulated lime

Regular lime fertilization of the soil guarantees optimal conditions for plant vegetation and comprehensively affects the fertility of the soil.

Soil reaction, determined by pH value, is basic, and the easiest measurable indicator of the soil fertility. Unfortunately, more than 70% of all agricultural land is classified as acid and very acid, so the regular lime fertilization is necessary. The plants grown on the acid soil are less resistant to drought, frost, diseases and pest infestation. The improvement of the PH value is caused by the release of soil nutrients, especially nitrogen, sulfur, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium.

The best solution is granulated carbonate lime. Its velocity originates in the raw material, that is natural limestone. Granulated carbonate lime with high 80% activity can be used with no harmful effects for all types of soil, regardless of its compactness. It is also a safe-to-use form during late top dressing. Its high activity brings positive results already in the first year of the application. In order to achieve the desired PH value, the lime should be used often and in small dosages.

The benefits of the fertilizer application

  • Improves physicochemical and biological properties of the soil
  • Increases assimilation of phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium
  • Restricts heavy metals accessibility
  • Supports organic and mineral fertilization
  • Improves quality of agricultural products

The PH value of the soil 

Dose kg/ha

up to  4






above  6



Content  (% w/w) 

  • CaCo3    80 %
  • MgCo3    5 %  
  • H20    max 10 %
  • Si02    3 %

Physical Properties

  • Bulk density      1,35 kg/l
  • pH value      8,5-9,5


  • From 1mm to 5 mm    90 %
  • Others    10 %